Annual Bike Fever

Somebody please prescribe me some kind of medicine to cure my sickness. I sure cannot be the only one with this kind of disease.

I absolutely cannot keep the bike for over one year (or less). I usually get tired of it as soon as I finish tuning it to my preferences. It usually results in huge losses because $$ for mods and depreciation are not coming back. Over the past 10 years I probably went through at least 20 bikes. Talk about money pit.

I have perfectly set up Multistrada that I love and that does everything really well. I should probably keep it forever because it suits me so well. Instead, I’m drooling at other bikes, lusting for GSA at the moment. Why why why?

Is there a way to remain monogamous in your motorcycle relationship?

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  1. Jonny Says:

    Hi there love your writing. I have sometimes been stricken with the same illness. I’m not saying this cure is suitable for everyone but for me . . . yoga. Studying and practicing yoga teaches me to stay in the moment, enjoy what I have, and be grateful for it. Plus, it keeps my body flexible and ready for those long rides without a need for a Chiropractor at the end.

    Having said that . . . I am the proud new owner of a 2009 Multistrada 1100s! That’s how I stumbled across your site. By the way, your bike looks awesome! I just ordered the same Givi case because I thought it looked (relatively) good on yours.

    Thanks again for your writing – keep it up!

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