REV’IT! VENTURA Women’s Jacket Review

When it comes to Adventure Touring jackets there are plenty of choices on the market. You can spend anywhere from $200 to $1500, and there are numerous options with just about every material, style and color imaginable. However if you happen to be a lady, you are often stuck with low quality, bulky and unattractive offerings. How many technical adventure jackets are available for lovely females? Null. At least this was the case until REV’IT! VENTURA was announced in late 2010.

Rev'it! Ventura Jacket


First thing that becomes apparent when you take the jacket out of the box is upscale feel to it. It’s impossible to describe it, but it just feels quality. The fabric is very soft and nice to touch, all seams are perfectly straight and little touches like laminated reflective panels stand out right away.

Rev'it Ventura from the back. Please note that the collar is removed exposing mesh

Just like its less expensive sibling SIREN, REV’IT! VENTURA jacket comes with two removable liners. Unlike SIREN though the REV’IT! VENTURA Jacket was built for be true 4 season jacket. You will be able to use it whether it’s hot or cold, just set it up according to the temperature.

In the summer you would probably want to remove the collar that exposes mesh underneath. It’s attached via metal snap buttons and a couple velcro panels. Easy to remove, even though you will probably do it only several times a year. The collar itself features standard REV’IT! adjustable sliding button that is extremely handy and hook / loop system that is probably useless since you will be taking the collar off when it’s hot.

Collar installed - nice and tall, it's comfortable thanks to soft lip.

Collar removed - pure summer mode


Close-up of mesh around the neck.

Besides removable collar mentioned above, it also has two chest vents strategically placed to open wide courtesy of unique female body parts pushing them open. Another crucial factor in VENTURA jacket’s ventilation are two way sleeve zippers. They offer unprecedented access when open, easing your chore if you prefer to tuck your gloves in. Open them another way, and they expose huge vents that run all the way to mid bicep. Simple, practical and genius. There are two more vents on the back but they will not do much unless the front ones are open.

Sleeve vent in open position

One of my favorite features ever. The beauty of this setup is that it's quick, efficient, and you do not have to mess with Velcro adjustors.

Chest vent that opens via pressure from female parts. It really scoops a lot of air.


In colder weather you have an option of using either waterproof, thermal or both liners at the same time. They are attached to the jacket via high quality YKK zippers (the rest of the zippers are also YKK) The system is really foolproof. A lot of people do not like using the internal waterproof liner because they outer shell gets soaked during hard rain, but from my experience that is way to go if you want versatile jacket. Anything waterproof on the outside will not be breathable, and it just doesn’t work in the summer. If you ride more often in the rain than in sunny weather just move to California, your life will get much better.

There are two pockets in the front, both are waterproof. They are big enough to fit standard smart phone in one and wallet in another one without feeling bulky. There are two more pockets inside the thermal liner, I would use them during the rain just in case. Big pocket on the back is intended for waterproof liner storage, but I do not like it because it feels awkward when something puffy is in there.

Front pockets are just big enough for bulky things like your favorite iPhone

Night time visibility is enhanced via laminated reflection panels. There are two on shoulders and one big one on lower back.

The jacket is flared at the bottom to better accommodate hourglass figure, but thanks to two Velcro straps at the hip it’s possible to make it fit just right, properly displaying all curves. My wife loves this feature.

You can adjust it to fit your body

A word about the fit of REV’IT! VENTURA jacket. It was primarily designed for Adventure Touring, and that means loose and comfortable cut. According to my measurements it runs almost a size bigger than REV’IT! size chart suggests, so you should probably get one size smaller. Compared to SIREN jacket it fits slightly bigger in the body and a lot looser in the sleeves. Just for the reference, here are two pictures comparing REV’IT SIREN and VENTURA in identical sizes. See the difference?

REV'IT! Siren vs REV'IT! Ventura

REV'IT Siren vs REV'IT Ventura

Looking at spec sheets all jackets appear great. Even the budget models are loaded with vents, pockets and liners. Look for review videos on YouTube and you will be confused even more. Sellers are reviewing things and everything they sell seems to be of the highest quality. So when researching for the best one it’s nearly impossible to weed out the ones that don’t really work. And most of them don’t. REV’IT! VENTURA is the one that does. From functional features to stylish and comfortable cut, it’s simply supreme. I have yet to see ladies jacket that comes close. And you can get a set of matching REV’IT VENTURA Pants. It’s a win win.


It fits really comfortable

Happy girl

4 Responses to “REV’IT! VENTURA Women’s Jacket Review”

  1. Cris Says:

    Do you mind sharing teh sizing you wore in the photos? i.e. what your ususal US women’s clothing size is, like size 6, and wthe equivalent in the jacket). Thanks!!

  2. motodisiac Says:

    Message from my wife:

    “I’m 5′ tall and usually I wear size XS and S tops and size 2 bottoms. VENTURA jacket pictured in review is size L34, the smallest one they make. I hope this helps”

  3. jemmo Says:

    Hi, my girlfriend is also 5″ tall, and just wondering, do you have the ventura pants? she’s thinking about getting pants and is worried they may be too long. She has a Rev’it pearl jacket in 34 and they fit her good, maybe the sleeves are about in inch too long but everything else is great.

  4. motodisiac Says:

    No pants yet as old Factor pants work perfectly fine. I’m afraid L34 will be too long on your GF, I wish they made short sizes.

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