Used BMW values – what gives?

As I secretly lurk around shopping for R1200GS (oops, I just let the secret out), I can’t help but notice that many (if not most) BMW sellers are out of touch with reality when it comes to pricing their steeds.

I know some bikes have been farkled to death, but that doesn’t add much value when it’s time to sell. I know that most paid MSRP + taxes and fees, but that loss is a part of the game. Used bikes cannot cost as much as new. Period. You roll it out of dealer’s showroom, you lose 10%. Ride it for a year or two, and say good bye to another 20% (and I’m being reasonable here, some vehicles depreciate even more) When one can pick up brand new loaded 09 R1200GS ADV for about 17-18K out the door, why would I pay that much (or even more) for used one? has very reasonable used bike price guide ( I believe it’s based on NADA and to my experienced eye it appears extremely accurate for all bikes. Now please tell me where can I find 09 Adventure for $12540. That is reasonable. I’m ready to buy. Please be as far as possible :D

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  1. Motorcycle Philosophy Says:

    Just make an offer for $12540, and see if someone takes it. Who cares what they listed the bike for. On the other hand, “reasonable” is simply a matter of how badly you want the bike, versus how badly someone wants to sell. So, let us know who wins out.

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